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Thoughts of the day

This is the reality of life. We started working at a young age, we hit middle age and then we retire. I’m at middle age as well. As we aged, the environment changed, the world changed. Unless we can change the world, or else we will have to adapt to the world. So what can we do? My thoughts (and you don’t have to agree with me):

1. Be Flexible, Adaptable & a Problem Solver – Whether we are an employee, a self-employed or a business owner, we are all here to solve problems. Jack Ma once said “If we do not know what’s the problem or we do not know how to solve a problem, we are the problem. How big the problem we can solve determines how high the position we sit. How many problems we can solve determines how much salary we take”. The only except this don’t work is in the civil service (ok, I am generalising). 

2. Just Unusually Hard (not just hard) & Don’t Complain – this point will depend on the company you are working in and who is your boss, but I still believe in this. If you are unhappy with some things, do something about it! If not, stop complaining.

3. Upgrade our Mindset and Skill Set – Do this during good times, not when things start to go bad. Learn an extra skill within or outside our scope of work after office hours, read a lot, etc. Just like what this guy said at the end – re-skilling.

4. Save and Invest – Save and Invest all the time. If you are drawing high salary, don’t assume that this will last forever. Only spend what you have after saving, and not save what you have after saving. Learn how to live simply during good times.

5. Lastly, PERSEVERE – pain is temporary, quitting is permanent. There are many rooms at the top, because most people quit half way.