A Chance to Buy Hundred Palms?

A Step-by-step Guide To Finding The Right Condo Now

A lot of individuals will likely be a part of an property purchase or sale at least once during their lives. When it’s about buying properties, you have to understand how to do it so that you are not taken advantage of. You should take the time to thoroughly research the ins and outs of buying EC. The following strategies will assist you in getting a great deal for executive condos.

Maybe a Hoi HUP EC @ Hougang?

Making significant purchases or moving your money around three to six months before buying new executive condo like Hundred Palms Residences Hoi Hup isn’t an excellent idea. It’s essential not to make any financial moves that can harm your credit scores. A paper trail that shows your dependability is something the lenders are going to need to see so they can offer the most outstanding loan that they can. Tough lean approvals can be caused by adding too much new debt, purchasing a lot of extravagant purchases, and opening new lines of credit.

In-principle approval loan is important

Being pre-approved and being a buyer with a pre-approved loan are two completely different things. To get pre-approved for a loan is something easy that everyone can do. If you’re pre-approved, this means that the loan company has investigated your credit history and wants to tell you that you’re approved for financing should you choose finance with that loan company. This is a helpful tool if you’re in the market for executive real estateminium. If you can get pre-approved for a loan, you’ll know which properties are within your reach; you won’t fall in love with places that you can’t afford, because you won’t waste your time visiting them.

Do not worry yourself over figuring out how the market is going to behave for your very best opportunity at purchasing an executive real estateminium. Attempting to tell in advance when the best market condition will occur is ridiculous. Only buy when you find your dream executive EC and can afford it. Typically, ec is cyclical given that it fluctuates with frequency.

Buying executive condominium based solely on a hope and a prayer will bring you nothing but heartache. Use your head to make smart financial decisions instead of following feelings that can lead you into a bad situation. Your emotions and your instincts have quite the difference between them. The instinct to purchase kicks in whenever your brain has enough information to instantly recognize a great value before you’ve had time to consciously evaluate the situation.

The price you offer on an EC should be based on your financial situation and your assessment of the EC’s value. Always bid fairly and reasonably. This way you won’t offend the vendor. Many people believe it’s best to go lower on their first offer. Everything relies on upon what the market is doing at the time.

Achieve Your Long Sought After Scrap Metal Business Success

guan peng scrap metal

If you want to do something you love, a great idea is to become your own boss and open up a scrap metal recycling business. Look at your interests, hobbies and talents before deciding on the way to go. You’ll require a strong business plan before you begin attempting to get your business off the ground. Check out our suggestions for pursuing success as an entrepreneur.

Is Recycling business customer reliable?

Despite if you are definitely the owner or a worker of a scrap metal recycling business, when dealing with the public you should, at all times, have a positive outlook. You should strive for all of your customers to feel at peace and valued. How they’re going to interact with customers is one of the most crucial things to go over when training ensues. Those customers who may have a great experience are going to tell others all about it, which will likely be beneficial for you in that your business will grow.

How to stay competitive in this edge?

By ensuring their sites leave a totally proficient impression, recycling centers can stay competitive. A professional website designer will likely be in a position to develop a beautiful website for you if you are not able to do it yourself. All elements of a well-designed website work together and support each other to be appealing, simple to use, and engaging. In today’s scrap metal recycling business world, having an amazing site ought to never be thought little of on the grounds that you need to effectively ensure that your recycling center’s web nearness is dynamic and alluring.

You could have attained your scrap metal recycling business goals, but this doesn’t mean you’ve achieved lasting success. You ought to dependably endeavor to make new objectives so about keep your business alive and developing. Staying conscious of new patterns in your industry and staying solid minded and determined are two of the most ideal approaches to develop your business. If you follow your market trends and continue to improve your business, it’ll eventually grow and become successful.

Broadening your customer base is essential to keeping your scrap metal recycling business lucrative. Generational businesses often serve large groups of satisfied employees and repeat customers. Successful businesses make certain that they constantly enhance and protect their online reputations. A professional reputation manager can help mitigate the impact of any negative reviews.

If you are facing a difficult scrap metal recycling business decision, you can clarify your thinking by brainstorming with your employees. A very efficient technique of simplifying your planning phase is to create a list of possible pros and cons. History tells us that pros and cons lists assist companies in shedding light on their best options. There’re business development pros available for consultation if you are not clear on the following phase of your business.

More En Bloc To Happen in Year 2017


Successful En bloc

Raintree Gardens was among the successful en bloc properties this year.
Market watchers anticipate more residential properties to go en bloc following the success of three collective sales this year, in 2017, reported The Business Times.

More To Come

“Next year, I anticipate more — and a broader variety of — offerings in the marketplace, mostly of small- and medium-sized en blocs, which ought to find takers among developers that are eager to really have a new project to work on, so long as they’re sensibly priced,” said JLL International Director and Head of Residential Karamjit Singh. And not forgetting that there will be also new launches in 2017 like Grandeur Park Residences By CEL, Frasers @ Siglap, Inz Residences EC by Qing Jian etc…

Development in progress

Singh credited this year’s pickup in en bloc prices to development website deficit, retrieval of residential outlook from negative to neutral- the realistic pricing, along with positive and powerful aspects of en bloc websites offered.

Committee Formed

The collective sale committee (CSC) for Lakeside Towers in Jurong, for example, has invited seven legal businesses and 14 property consultancies to submit suggestions for consultancy services to carry out the en bloc sale procedure. The CSC is currently going through the bid entries, after which an en bloc sale deal will be drafted by them using a reservation price.

“We reckon that $250 million to $300 million in bid cost ought to not be uncomfortable to an individual developer,” said the CSC chairman Simon Lee.

Jobs anticipated to take the en bloc course by Q1 2017 contain the 12-unit Villa D’Este on Dalvey Road in prime District 10, and Cairnhill Mansions in District 9.

Taking Photos at a Photo Studio?

A perfect photograph can function as good memories to rejoice for life. One can have an entire picture enlarged in bedroom or the living room. Actually, clicking on the image of the family in a photography studio is an excellent idea to do it in a place outdoors. Tension hairdo tripped due to a strong wind is maintained by taking the family photograph in a professional photography studio. Actually, it’s a great relief for girls or even men with long hair. Topping hair during filming ultimately damages the great thing about the image, because it makes the man seem ugly and odd. Shooting in a studio also has difficulties with the variable of light, in comparison to outside photography. Another important possibility is that individuals who are being photographed, they tend to shut their eyes because of the heat and intense sunlight, which finally spoils the picture.

image credits from instant glamour.com

image credits from instant glamour.com

A picture is worth a thousand words, if you know how to find the perfect photo studio and maintain your memories is more easy. Whether you are seeking professional photographs of you, your new infant, or your family, studies in your town that can fill the bill. Let’s see how to pick the best for you and your budget – and keep in mind that not all studies or photographers are identical.

Although obviously want to find a study that may give you pictures or photographs of quality, there are other factors to make. These guidelines should help:

• Ask to see the portfolio of the photographer. All photographers value of their “salt” will have a huge portfolio of work for you to see – and largely gallery to display the design in his study of prospective clients and customers t view. Photographer portfolio should include some of the settings that you’re interested in their own photos.

• Talk cost in advance. Don’t beat around the bush when it comes to cost. No should consult with a photographer during a prolonged period of time only to discover that their services are well above their budget. Note that there are actual discount picture studies out there for you to pick from – and the price usually is not an indicator of quality for the most part.

Thoughts of the day

This is the reality of life. We started working at a young age, we hit middle age and then we retire. I’m at middle age as well. As we aged, the environment changed, the world changed. Unless we can change the world, or else we will have to adapt to the world. So what can we do? My thoughts (and you don’t have to agree with me):

1. Be Flexible, Adaptable & a Problem Solver – Whether we are an employee, a self-employed or a business owner, we are all here to solve problems. Jack Ma once said “If we do not know what’s the problem or we do not know how to solve a problem, we are the problem. How big the problem we can solve determines how high the position we sit. How many problems we can solve determines how much salary we take”. The only except this don’t work is in the civil service (ok, I am generalising). 

2. Just Unusually Hard (not just hard) & Don’t Complain – this point will depend on the company you are working in and who is your boss, but I still believe in this. If you are unhappy with some things, do something about it! If not, stop complaining.

3. Upgrade our Mindset and Skill Set – Do this during good times, not when things start to go bad. Learn an extra skill within or outside our scope of work after office hours, read a lot, etc. Just like what this guy said at the end – re-skilling.

4. Save and Invest – Save and Invest all the time. If you are drawing high salary, don’t assume that this will last forever. Only spend what you have after saving, and not save what you have after saving. Learn how to live simply during good times.

5. Lastly, PERSEVERE – pain is temporary, quitting is permanent. There are many rooms at the top, because most people quit half way.

Singapore Property Home Prices Decline 3% from Previous Year

Prices of non-landed private homes in Singapore fell by 3.1 percent in the first three months of 2016 compared to Q1 2015, revealed Knight Frank’s latest Global House Price Index.

The index, which compares the functionality of 55 home markets, ranked the city state among the worst-performing states, in 51st place.

“ Price growth is being restrained by A blend of slow economic growth, regulatory measures and new supply,” said Knight Frank.

Internationally, the index grew by 3.4 percent on average in the 12 months to March 2016.

Turkey, which leads the positions for the fourth consecutive quarter, has seen its rate of annual growth decline from 18 percent quarter-on-quarter to 15 percent, due to security concerns, Russian sanctions and mounting pressures on the lira curtailing investment, said Knight Frank.

Meanwhile, Ukraine remains the world’s feeblest performing market, with prices in Q1 dropping by 10.5 percent from a year ago.

Developer Upset Over Drone Intrusion

The operation of drones in Singapore is in the limelight after an alleged incident involving one flying into the building site of a recently established condominium in Redhill, raising protection issues and serious safety.

A source with knowledge of the problem told PropertyGuru that the drone flew into the website after a buyer requested to see what the view would be like from the future flat and allegedly got cold feet.

The project’s developer is taking the issue seriously, which might lead to the property bureau involved being fired and is understood to know about the event. When contacted, a representative for the developer would neither affirm nor deny if the event happened.

In Singapore, using drones to shoot aerial photos is a normal practice among developers using it as a promotion tool to help sell units on higher floors offering panoramic views of the sea or city skyline.

This latest episode is considered to be the first in Singapore linked to a condominium, and comes after laws on using drones here took effect in June 2015.

Between May 2015 and April 2014, there were 20 episodes including drones, said then-Transportation Minister Lui Tuck Yew in Parliament. These comprised drones dropping onto MRT courses in two different cases in 2015.

Present regulations concerning using unmanned aircraft, including drones, fall under the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS). Their web site lists down strict standards for operators including flying drones a safe space away from property and individuals.

Despite the safety features in some unmanned aircraft, mechanical malfunction, human error could happen and cause operators to lose control of their aircraft in flight or loss of management link,” the CAAS said.

“This may bring about the unmanned aircraft colliding with a manned aircraft or another unmanned aircraft, or hitting against individuals and property on the earth, possibly causing damage and harm.”

Gregory Vijayendran, Associate, Commercial Litigation at law firm Rajah & Tann, described that licenses must run drones in the promotion of property, like for company functions.

“Civil claims under private law would clearly contain the tort of trespass to property.

The property agency that used as “the bureau could be responsible for the representative’s action of neglect, nuisance or trespass ” the broker could also land itself in hot soup, noted Vijayendran.

He added that more can be done to prepare drone operators here. “Singaporeans must realise that laws besides gravitation can sink the use of drones. The possible invasive and intrusive nature of drones have to be correctly handled by operators to prevent civil accountability and criminal responsibility.”

Programmer’s map blunder sparks row with Indonesia

mapFollowing a Singapore-based developer’s map blunder, which gave the erroneous belief that Indonesia’s Pulau Manis isles are part of the city state, Jakarta declared on Wednesday (1 June) that the problem has been solved.

“The error was corrected said Indonesian Foreign Ministry spokesman Arrmanatha Nasir, reported TODAYonline.

Based on the developer, the first map posted on its web site was meant to reveal the resort is near the city state, or a ferry ride of approximately 16km. “We don’t have any intent to declare or indicate that it belongs to Singapore.” The place’s colour has since altered to red to reveal that it’s part of Indonesia.

On the other hand, the diplomatic row prompted the Indonesian armed forces by putting their state’s flag on the highest point of one of the isles to maintain their sovereignty over Pulau Manis.

Pulau Manis, now being promoted by the developer as Funtasy Island, is touted as the area’s largest eco park resort. The 328ha development will feature dolphin lagoon villas, beach club and a theme park.